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5 Best Folding Bow Saws For Every Occasion

To those of us who enjoy camping, hiking, or engaging in yard work, foldable bow saws are a “must-have” in your toolbox.

They're convenient, lightweight, and highly versatile. It makes for a great multi-tool for many occasions.

We understand that finding the best folding bow saw can be tricky. If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help! 

Top Choice

Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw

The Zippo Survival Tool is a  4-in-1 AxeSaw that works as a mallet, bow saw, and hatchet. This makes it the ultimate tool built to handle many outdoor tasks.

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We understand that finding the best folding bow saw can be tricky. If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help!

Things to Consider Before Buying a Folding Bow Saw

As follows are what you must consider buying a folding bow saw:


A folding saw's blade dictates the entire quality of the product. Make sure you're buying a blade that’s strong enough to cut at least 3" of wood without difficulty. Opt for a serrated edge as it's better to slice through thick, tough, and more fibrous materials.

As for the length, choose one that's at least 10 inches. Remember, the shorter the blade, the more power you're sacrificing.


Folding Bow Saws are known to be lightweight. It’s one of this product’s strong points. Make sure that your bow saw is at a maximum weight of 2lbs for easy handling and comfort.

Material and Value

This should go without saying. Some bow saws go blunt after a few applications, and some snap with pressure. Just because a product is expensive doesn't mean it'll last longer. Remember to look for a product that’s both durable and long-lasting.

Top 5 Best Folding Bow Saw

Now that we’ve covered what to look for in bow saws, the following are folding bow saws that cover all points mentioned above, and more.

Zippo Survival Tools

The Zippo Survival Tool is a  4-in-1 AxeSaw that works as a mallet, bow saw, and hatchet. This makes it the ultimate tool built to handle many outdoor tasks.

Zippo's bow saw illustrates how durable a saw can actually be even without years of replacement.

Zippo 3-in-1 Axesaw
  • 5" full tang 420 stainless steel axe head & durable polymer handle with saw blade storage
  • 15" hardened stainless steel saw blade
  • Heavy tent stake mallet

The cutting edge is dangerously sharp and is made with a stainless steel axehead.

It also offers a dual function saw handle and safety sheath, which keeps the blade safe and readily accessible.


  • Comes with a heavy tent stake mallet
  • Made with anti-corrosive aluminum steel
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-functional
  • Is a self-contained fire starting device that comes with Zippo matches
  • Blades are sharp and durable


  • If utilized incorrectly, the handle may slip from your hands

Sven Saw Folding Saw 15 inch Blade

Sven Saw's Folding Saw is built to last. Crafted with only the highest quality materials, this saw is perfect for camping, backpacking, woodcutting, or just your general day-to-day yard work.

Its blade is made from hardened Swedish steel. Anodized aluminum is used for its handle and back bar, which will allow you to work with any weather condition or temperature.

This also means that corrosion and rust isn't a concern with this blade.

Sven-Saw 60th Anniversary Engraved 15" Folding Saw
  • Special 60th Anniversary Edition Sven-Saw features the signature of the inventor, Richard E. Swenson, engraved on the handle.
  • All metal - Crafted from the highest quality materials. Built to last
  • Made in the United States for 60 years!

Design-wise, this triangle-shaped saw is incredibly rigid and strong once positioned to cut.

 It can easily rip into 6-7 inch logs with no problem, and folds up and locks away easily and quickly.


  • Made with anti-corrosive metal
  • Easily folded
  • Blade's teeth are extremely sharp
  • Durable and lightweight


  • The handle can be slippery when used with wet hands
  • Assembly is a bit complicated

Spring Creek Manufacturing's Tuff Camp Saw

Spring Creek Manufacturing's Tuff Camp Saw is undoubtedly one of the best bow saws in this list.

Made with aluminum carbon steel, this saw comes with a solid tube spine which allows no bending or twisting.

It’s strong, lightweight, and one of the few bows saw that promise no rust, and pulls through, with its blade staying sharp for a very long time.

Whether it be wood, bone, or metal, this saw's got you covered. Its blade is razor-sharp and stays that way for a very long time. It comes in three different options; 21”, 24”, and 30”.

Spring Creek Manufacturing Tuff Camp Saw (30")
  • Introducing The “Tuff” Camp Saw by Spring Creek Manufacturing. This strong durable and easy to use folding camp saw is the most versatile easy to use saw on the market.
  • Its tube spine design allows for a very strong no bend or twist motion while keeping its lightweight strong aluminum finish. The “Tuff” Camp Saw folds for easy transport, is easy to assemble and is very lightweight.

The handle is made with a poly handle, which means no expansion or contraction. This makes for a perfect grip even when your hands are wet.

Perfect for camping, hunting, and hiking, this collapsible saw has your back with everything nature throws at you.


  • Exceptional packability
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Secure grip handle
  • Made with anticorrosive properties


  • Saw may cut on a slant when not utilized properly

Bahco Bow Saw with Ergo Handle

Bahco designed this bow saw to withstand the toughest environments. Its innovative tensioning mechanism allows for high blade tension and straight cutting.

This bow saw comes with two different styles, one specifically for cutting dry wood and the other for greenwood. You'll find a selection of 21, 24, and 30" frames, all heavy-duty but lightweight at the same time.

Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw with Ergo Handle, 24-Inch, Gray
  • Designed for demanding applications and tough environments of construction sites
  • Innovative tensioning mechanism for high blade tension and straight cutting
  • Ergo handle with knuckle protector provides comfort and safety

Sawing is made smooth and comfortable with its ergonomic handle with knuckle protector. The blade features triangular set teeth and comes with a pointed nose to allow better access to tight areas.

With its affordable price, you get a lot in terms of quality. Bahco’s Bow Saw is a worthy pick for all occasions.


  • High impact enamel paint protects from rust and corrosion
  • Made of high-quality steel tubing which makes it increasingly durable
  • Can cut tree trunks up to 12"
  • Razor-sharp blade


  • The blade cover is a little difficult to install
  • Doesn't come with tensioning instructions, so over-tightening is possible

Gerber Freescape Camp Outdoor Folding Bow Saw

The Gerber Freescape Folding Saw's innovative design makes cutting wood as easy as tearing into cardboard.

This saw is designed to cater to one's camping and survival needs. It's lightweight, portable, and folds with little to no effort.

This saw's full length measures 12 inches. All its four pivot points are utilized to adequately cut wood at a larger diameter.

Gerber Freescape Camp Saw [31-002820]
  • Four pivot points to maximize usable cutting area
  • Folds down flat without removal of parts
  • Accepts standard 12” saw blade

The body is entirely made with the highest quality of alloy and steel. This makes it easy to maneuver compared to its counterparts.

Gerber Freescape prioritizes safety above all else. This folding saw’s blade is protected when folded up to safely be stowed in a gear kit or camp bin.

In addition to this, its rubber over-mold grip stays firmly in the hand no matter the conditions.


  • Sharp, high-quality blade
  • Sturdy frame
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easily foldable


  • Doesn't cut through logs over 5-inches

Final Thoughts

Our personal choice for the best folding bow saw is the Zippo Survival Tools. While Zippo is more known for its Zippo Lighters founded in 1932, the company takes the concept of safety and survival while camping and/or hiking very seriously.

Zippo impresses with its 4-1 product design. The ax and the bow saw come sharp and ready to use. The hammer is sturdy and strong.

If you want to come prepared with all things survival, or just simply be able to cut and chop wood at your convenience, this is the one for you.


5 Best Folding Bow Saws

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