4 Best Wood Chipper Under $1000

Wood chippers are essentials for anyone with a garden or yard. They help you remove the excessive wood and leaves from your place. The market is full of options that differ in size, features, and prices.

As someone invested in the care and management of my own property, I understand that key factors to consider when purchasing a wood chipper include the power source, cutting capacity, reduction ratio, portability, and durability. Electric wood chippers are generally less costly and easier to maintain than their gas-powered counterparts, making them a good fit … Read more

4 Best Chainsaws for Ripping Logs

Ripping logs into usable lumber isn’t an easy task. If you don’t choose the right chainsaw for the job, you may end up ruining your logs, wasting more time, or worse, hurting yourself. That’s why I’m writing this article. I went along and did the research to source the 4 best chainsaws for ripping logs this year.

While selecting a chainsaw for ripping logs, it’s important to consider the motor’s power, whether it’s a gas-powered saw or an electric model, and the length of the guide bar. A longer bar reaches through wider logs, and higher engine power translates to smoother cuts through dense wood without bogging down.  The quality of the … Read more

Guide to Picking the Best Wood for Your Firepit

Here’s a handy guide to helping you pick the best wood for your firepit, so you can fully enjoy the relaxing experience...

Best Wood for FirepitFirepits have become the epitome of leisure in the US. There is nothing quite like gathering friends and family around the firepit for some s’mores or mixed drinks. Just as the conversation is about to get really good – cough cough cough – you realize your firepit is smoking excessively. Here’s a handy guide … Read more

Best Gas-Powered Chainsaw Under $300

When it comes to purchasing a chainsaw, you may be shocked by the range of prices you can find. For this article, we’re going to explore the best chainsaws you can buy under $300.

A gas-powered chainsaw offers the advantage of mobility and power. This allows users to operate without the limitations of a power cord, unlike their electric counterparts. Within this product category, finding an effective chainsaw that balances cost and performance can be a challenge. When shopping for a gas-powered chainsaw on a budget, several important features must … Read more

5 Best Folding Bow Saws For Every Occasion

We understand that finding the best folding bow saw can be tricky. If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help!

To those of us who enjoy camping, hiking, or engaging in yard work, foldable bow saws are a “must-have” in your toolbox. They’re convenient, lightweight, and highly versatile. It makes for a great multi-tool for many occasions. We understand that finding the best folding bow saw can be tricky. If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the … Read more