The Best 6 Ton Log Splitters: Which One Ranks The Highest?

Having chopped and split logs was a taxing task when the entire work was done by hand. But the use of a log splitter simplifies the physical activity and time needed to finish the task significantly.

To select the top models from each category, we examined all different types of log splitters. Here are the best 6-ton log splitters in 2020.

Top Choice

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Red

The Southland 6-Ton electric log splitter features a powerful 1.75 HP, 15 amp induction motor that effortlessly splits the most demanding types of wood. Safer & more productive than swinging a maul & axe.

4.5 of 5 stars

The Best 6 Ton Log Splitter

This is a roundup of various machines with a broad range of options and capabilities. We’re pretty sure you’ll find the right one on this list.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Sels60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

This six-ton log splitter is similar in many respects to others in his class. Driven by a 15A battery with a 1.5Hp capacity, it can be less powerful than some models, but it still provides six tons of splitting power for home users.

The main distinction of this splitter is that this can be used horizontally or vertically. This facilitates handling bigger logs because you don't have to pick them up and put them up.

This splitter also has wide rollers that can conveniently be moved anywhere, and you can break wood wherever your logs are.

Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SELS60 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter, Red
  • Heavy duty 1.75 HP, 15 amp induction motor delivers maximum performance for the most rugged condition
  • Effortlessly does big splitting jobs with a 18-second cycle time
  • Integrated stroke limiter can adjust to a shorter stroke for smaller logs

It's also easy to pack once you have done work. Just put it up to reduce the footprint and save space.

Whether you choose a log divider that can be used vertically or horizontally, it will be at the top of your list of choices. It’s a powerful and highly recommended piece.


  • Can be placed vertically and horizontally which makes it a very versatile product
  • It has a stroke limiter, which can speed up the work when splitting the logs
  • It has wheels that make it very easy to move around


  • Doesn’t come with a log catcher
  • It has a slow splitting cycle

Goplus 6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter

If you want an efficient electric log splitter but you’re trying to invest as least as possible, this machine might be exactly what you’re looking for. It provides six tons of splitting power, and at this price point, offers excellent value for money.

While this tool is not to be used for industrial log separation, it saves a lot of effort and trouble if you have to cut logs for your fire or wood stove.

Especially as it’s limited to 14.5 inches in length, and 9.8 inches in diameter.

It's not too heavy, at just over 100lbs, and it's easy to move around wherever you need it. With its large tough wheels and an easy-to-grip handle, it certainly has high mobility.

Goplus 6 Ton Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter Powerful Portable Wood Cutter with Mobile Wheels, 1500W 2HP
  • ★ Max splitting force: 6Ton. Insulation class is class B. Waterproof Rate is IP 54. Work efficiently with 1500W power.
  • ★ Reliability and safety are guaranteed. Durable material and stable construction ensures long-term service lifespan.
  • ★ Fits for any place with wood-burning stove or fireplace. Ideal for usage both indoors and outdoors.

The log cradle is very much valued, and it's designed to keep the log in place as the machine separates them. The functions are intuitive and this device can be used by just about everyone.

It's a splitter that's perfect for anybody who needs a budget alternative that's a good value for money. While it can't handle larger or tougher logs, it will perform an excellent task in regular slicing logs for firewood and wood stove burning.


  • Very mobile, it has tough wheels so you can easily move it around
  • Has a log cradle that holds the log in place while being sliced
  • Affordable price
  • Very easy to use


  • It can only take a specific size of logs
  • The quality is not the best when compared to other models

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

You need robust and precise equipment when it comes to wood splitting. The 6-ton WEN 56206 Log Splitter is a log-divider that falls within that category precisely.

This LumberJack comes from a well-known company "WEN" and gives the brand credibility and the highest quality control. The divider of the log is strong, robust, and easy to use.

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

The log splitter can be used both at home and in commercial shops, such as bakeries or restaurants. It has unique features, in addition to being a handy device to easily and quickly split logs.

This model can be mounted in an SUV or pickup truck and used in many places, with a weight of 100 pounds, it’s definitely easy to move around. Its size is manageable as well, being 37.5 inches wide, 10.6 inches deep and 18 inches high. 

Equipped with grip handles and 6-inch tires, this tool is pretty mobile. It is also rated for use with an extension cord of up to 50 foot 12 gauge.

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter
  • Reliable 2 HP, copper-wound motor uses household current; No problems with cold starts or gas shortages; quieter, less expensive; Plug it in and go!
  • Safety first! Operation requires two hands to keep hands clear of the ram while fume free electric power allows for usage both indoors and outdoors
  • Built-in log cradle/guide keeps logs on track for even splitting of logs up to 10" in diameter and 20.5" in length

It has a strong frame and a powerful 2-hour power, a 15 amp engine kicks out of up to 12 000 pounds of power. This splitter can accommodate logs with a length of 20.5 inches and diameters up to 10 inches.

The WEN 56206 offers the person who operates the machine an overall good experience, not to mention its low price tag. With its sturdy design and construction, the split is fast and efficient every time.


  • It has a two-handed operation feature to ensure increased security
  • It’s user-friendly and can be used in any place because of its mobility
  • It handles logs with pretty big proportions when compared to others in its category


  • Users reported that it was a bit fragile
  • Some users complained that it easily wore out after a few runs

PowerSmart PS90 6-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter

The PowerSmart PS90 6-Ton 15 Amp electrical log splitter is the best option if you're searching for a lightweight and compact log splitter for light use.

The solid 15-amp drive is adequate to cut the regular firewood logs of 10 inches in diameter and up to 21 inches in length. 

Additionally, the 22-second cycle time allows you to work easily on various surfaces or even indoors. It comes with a pair of rear wheels that have superior portability at different points. It’s durable and operates well for years.

PowerSmart Log Splitter Electric, 6-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter, 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter, Electric Wood Splitter, Horizontal Full Beam with Steel Wedge for Firewood Splitter Kindling Splitter
  • 【POWERFUL MOTOR ENSURES STABLE PERFORMANCE】 The PowerSmart electric log splitter features an energetic and durable 1.75 HP, 15 Amp induction motor which allows your cutting effortlessly and manageable. Meanwhile, with the equipped 6-ton hydraulic system, the log splitter could easily split larger logs into small pieces, transform logs into firewood in minutes. Plus, durable steel construction ensures long-lasting stable performance.
  • 【PERFERT FOR SMALL TO MIDDLE SIZE SPLITTING 】 This practical log splitter is designed for light-duty or home use. With the wide work table, this machine could split logs up to 22 inch in length and 10 inch in diameter. In addition, the efficient log splitter could quickly resets to cut another log with a only 22 second cycle time, which saving you time and energy between logs.
  • 【PORTABLE WITH REAR WHEELS】 The PowerSmart logs splitter designed with strudy and wide rear wheels make for easy transportation and stroage site to site between jobs. The demension is 41*19*12 inches, which fits for most suv and van even car truck of a sedan, while the shape of the log splitter actually taken less space than your imagine. In addtion to the strong handle, you can conquer any terrains, such as sand, muddy and uneven road.

This impressive log splitter is excellent for small to medium-sized tasks. The power is therefore split into six tons with a period of 22 seconds.

This consists of materials of high quality with optimum strength, longevity, and stability.

It also has a small and lightweight design, making it best suited for indoor and outdoor applications.


  • Cheap
  • Made of a very durable steel frame
  • Doesn’t produce fumes when operating


  • It has a slightly longer than average cycle time
  • Not designed for heavy usage

Our Verdict

After examining all the options available, we decided that the best model out of all those reviewed is the Southland Outdoor Electric Log Splitter.

It’s user friendly, has a sturdy frame, and can be used just about anywhere as it's a compact device. It’s also not that expensive when compared to other models.

A close second would be the PowerSmart PS90 6-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter. It’s also not that expensive, boasts an extremely user-friendly interface, and multiple customers reported that it was a great investment.

We hope this short guide helped give some insight into the best 6-ton log splitters available in the market.