Remington RM4216 Rebel Gas Chainsaw Review

As anyone with experience in using mechanical saws will tell you, a reliable tool when operating is priceless. A perfectly cut piece of wood elicits confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and satisfaction.

But finding an end-to-end product at a reasonable price is a hefty process. In this review, we’ll focus on one of the most recognizable chainsaws out there, the Remington RM4216.

Below, we’ll explore its features, whether it is unique amongst other power-driven saws, who it’s suitable for, and what the drawbacks are.

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Remington is a market leader when it comes to power tools. Being in the business for more than 100 years has gained the company a solid reputation.

Their products are built to take on any yard task.

And just like the products sold almost a century ago, all the tools built nowadays provide enough power and control for the job at hand.

The American manufacturer specializes in gas trimmers, cultivators, and blowers. They also have a whole line for chainsaws.

So, let's dig deeper into the RM 4216 REBEL Chainsaw.

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What Makes It Different?

The RM4216 Rebel is designed to handle both: lightweight tasks and cutting down large-size branches. So, if you feel it’s time to invest in a new chainsaw, this model should be on the top of your list.

When you first open the box you’ll find that it can be put together in less than 5 minutes. From the very beginning you can tell why it stands out. Here are some of its unique features:

Quick-Start Technology       

The product is suitable for those looking for a machine that is quick to warm up, easy to start and rev up. The indignities of pulling until you drop tired is something of the past. This chainsaw starts with one pull.

The 42cc Engine

This gas-powered engine provides durability and steady performance to cut through medium-sized to large-sized trees, while sparing us the noise and unsteadiness that usually come with such powerful engines.

Subsequently, this engine makes the product suitable for both professionals and people who like to run around the house doing maintenance.

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16-Inch Bar and Chain

Since this product is designed for homeowners, this bar length is more than enough for trimming and pruning different sizes of branches.

Chainsaw bars come in different sizes, ranging from 14-inch to 22-inch. In many ways this 16-inch bar is perfect. It can be used if you want to keep your yard in a good shape and it performs just as well with other rigorous tasks.


All of Remington products are famous for prioritizing safety. While doing the work, if your hand involuntarily slides forward, there’s a safety clutch that will stop the blade immediately.

There’s also this “kill” switch that turns it off and a throttle lock switch.

Low Kickback Chain

While this chainsaw performs powerfully, the kickback is not very powerful. Something you’re not used to with equipment of this size. This low kickback allows for more control and easiness when using the saw.

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Automatic Oiler

Oiling the bar is crucial for reducing the friction and prolonging the life of the tool. So, with this automatic oiler, the lubricant is automatically released from the oil reservoir. You don’t have to push any buttons for this to happen. This keeps the saw lubricated throughout the whole work session.

Being automatic doesn't mean that you can’t adjust the flow of oil as you please. Depending on what you are cutting, you might need to increase or restrain the flow of the oil. This chainsaw allows you to do that as well.

Both Sides of the Coin

The RM4216 stands out thanks to its strong engine and relatively long bar, yet the product has some drawbacks. So, here are some of the pros and cons to help you make up your mind:

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​Less Vibration

Working with chainsaws can be challenging. Given the heavyweight and the tiresome nature of the task. An inefficient and uncontrollable chainsaw is something you should definitely avoid.

However, this edition of chainsaws comes with an anti-vibration system that allows for more systematic and safer cutting.

Different Customers

This product can be everyone’s cup of tea. From the professionals who need reliable and heavy-duty equipment to carry around for daily use, to the home-owner who needs it to cut out the next window his wife is asking for.


Given the saw’s capabilities and its powerful engine, the price is a major selling edge. You can see how Remington has worked around to bring down the price by being more efficient with different parts of the saw. It starts nice and works its way through hardwood also as nice.

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Small Oil Reservoir

The bar and chain oil reservoir is quite small. The amount of oil allowed doesn’t last as long as the amount of gas in the saw. So when you use it, you have to keep an eye out so you don’t run out of oil before the gas runs out. This is specifically important because the gas tank is relatively large.

This is a design flaw that should be considered by the manufacturer.

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The Pull Handle

People with large hands will find it uncomfortable. This is the handle used to start the engine and make it rev up. You have to be extra careful when pulling.

A simple solution for this problem can be wearing gloves or placing a piece of rubber around it so it gets easier and safer to pull.

The Weight

One of the main attractions of this product is that it works for both: professionals and homeowners. However, being powerful comes with some trouble, like the tool’s weight.

For a professional who’s used to heavy-duty machinery, it isn’t a major deterrent, but for regular users, it can be a real setback.

To Conclude

This edition of the Remington line of chainsaws is unique in its own ways. Whether you’re using it at home or for heavy-duty day-to-day use, you definitely need to put this on your list.

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While it might be uncomfortable for some people because of its heaviness, it definitely offers proper value for money. You can go check it out on Amazon here.

The product comes with a 2-year limited warranty from Remington. It also comes with a practical and well-designed storage case.

With the Remington RM4216, you can trim, prune, and zip your way through logs and firewood. It’s designed to be reliable, practical, and easy to use at any skill level. 

As a whole, you can hardly run across another chainsaw that brings this mix of high-quality features.