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The 5 Best Manual Pole Saws

Overhanging tree branches can be a hassle to deal with, especially if your yard is large. Pole saws are necessary for that matter.

It’s a must-have tool if you want to ensure the safety of your property.

Pole saws’ primary uses are cutting and trimming tree branches. The manual one provides more control over the process since you’re the one operating it.

​Top Choice


Fiskars 7.9ft-12ft Extendable Pole Tree Pruner / Trimmer with Rotating Head and Precision-Ground Steel Blade - Easy and Smooth Cutting up to 1.25' Diameter, Black

This 4-pole telescopic saw extends up to 12 feet

Perfect for smaller trees

​4.5 of 5 Stars

They’re also easier and more affordable if you don’t have many trees. I’ll review the 5 best manual pole saws on the market so you can decide which one suits your use!

The Fiskars 7.9  pole saw can cut 12-feet high branches and 1-inch thick small branches when fitted with the scissor tip. The 15-inch blade means you can reach high branches without a ladder.

Fiskars 7.9ft-12ft Extendable Pole Tree Pruner / Trimmer with Rotating Head and Precision-Ground Steel Blade - Easy and Smooth Cutting up to 1.25' Diameter, Black

You’ll also be able to cut short branches without kneeling. Its lightweight will make it easier for you to lift and use. Moreover, the fiberglass pole provides grip comfort.

The Fiskars saw comes with a double-locking system. The flip-lock keeps the pole in its place using an internal spring button lock. It prevents it from collapsing.

This pole saw allows you to extend it to the required size only. The Fiskars has high durability; the plastic is high-quality, and the body is well-constructed.

One of the features that people like about this saw is the ease of activating. You hold the bottom of the saw with one hand and the upper with the other, and twist it in a clockwise motion.

Fiskars 7.9ft-12ft Extendable Pole Tree Pruner / Trimmer with Rotating Head and Precision-Ground Steel Blade - Easy and Smooth Cutting up to 1.25" Diameter, Black
  • IDEAL BRANCH TRIMMER: Tree pruner that extends from 7.9 to 12 feet; Lightweight aluminum pole weighing less than five pounds to help minimize fatigue; Ideal for cutting high branches, or making low cuts without bending or kneeling
  • MAXIMUM POWER AND PRECISION: Low-friction coating helps the blade glide through wood, and prevents the blade from gumming up with sap or debris, while power-stroke gearing provides maximum cutting power; Rope-free design gives you two-handed control

Your scissor tip is then activated. The only downside to this saw is the string mechanism; it’s a bit fragile, but it’ll work well for small trees.

The saw blades are resistant to rust, which makes them safer to use. Additionally, this saw doesn’t use ropes like other brands do, which makes it safer to use without the risk of getting tangled.


  • ​The 15-inch blade offers great versatility
  • ​Lightweight, so it’s comfortable to use
  • ​No ropes
  • ​It has a long reach
  • ​Good value for money
  • ​High cutting precision
  • ​Durable
  • ​Easily adjustable pole


  • ​Not suitable for big jobs
  • ​The lock design can be a hassle to deal with
  • ​Not suitable for branches with a thickness larger than 1.5 inches

The Corona saw has an extendable pole that can cut 14-feet high branches. It’s able to trim and cut through thick branches easily thanks to the compound action system.

Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH DualCOMPOUND Action 14-ft. Tree Pruner

The manual saw is lightweight, which makes it easier to handle for longer periods. Moreover, it has a cutting capacity of 1.25 inches in diameter.

The blade is sharp due to the high carbon steel in it. Users commented that it remains sharp even after several uses.

Furthermore, the Corona pole saw includes a Powerglide rope pull system that’s useful for professional users. It comes with a foam handle at the pole bottom that makes the grip comfortable.

Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH DualCOMPOUND Action 14-ft. Tree Pruner
  • Ideal pruner for heavy-duty orchard pruning
  • 14-foot compound action tree pruner with steel blade
  • Comfortable 24-inch foam grip

The Corona saw also includes a lock mechanism for the extended pole to ensure safety. It has a 16-foot fiberglass pole despite its lightweight.

Additionally, it derives power from a chain drive. It’s made of zinc alloy that suits heavy jobs, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • ​A high 14-feet reach
  • ​Compound action
  • ​The durable high-carbon steel blade
  • ​Foam grip for added comfort


  • ​Plastic lock gets loose occasionally

The Milliard pole saw has remarkable extensibility of 16 feet. Its pruning head can cut through branches of 1.25-inches thickness. You don’t need to climb a ladder to use it.

Milliard 6-16 foot Extendable Tree Pruner/Pole Saw with 3-Sided Blade

Furthermore, it comes with a saw blade of 14 inches in length and 1.2 millimeters in thickness. The blade is made of high carbon steel and has high sharpness that ensures smooth cuts.

It’s easy to maintain and clean the pruning blade because it has a non-stick coating. The pole is made of fiberglass, which guarantees high durability.

Milliard 6-16 foot Extendable Tree Pruner/Pole Saw with 3-Sided Blade
  • Extra Long Extension – pole extends to a towering 16 feet high, so you can effectively reach all those branches that used to be too high up to take care of.
  • Smooth Cutting – the pruning head can snip branches up to 1.25” thick. The 14” long saw blade is made from 1.2mm thick high-carbon SK5 steel and sharpened on 3 sides for the smoothest of cuts.
  • Comfortable Use – pole is made from high grade fiberglass making it lightweight and easy to handle, but still strong and durable to last you through years of use. The foam at the handle provides a soft surface to grip the pole with.

I like that the Milliard also has a double tackle compound pulley system. It helps you make precise cuts with high levels of efficiency through thick branches.

It only weighs 5.5 pounds so you won’t have to worry about your hands getting tired when you use it for a long period. One of the downsides of this manual saw is the neck structure; it can snap under high pressure.


  • ​16-feet extensibility
  • ​High-carbon steel blade
  • ​Non-stick coat on the saw blade
  • ​Double tackle compound pulley system
  • ​3-sides sharpened blade
  • Lightweight


  • ​The pole gets wobbly on its full extension
  • ​Poor clamp structure
  • ​The blade is rough to the touch
  • ​Not suitable for branches with thickness more than 1.5 inches

The Gilmour 20-18 is an impressive pole saw; it comes with a sharp aluminum saw head that has high durability. Its saw blade extends up to 16 inches.

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What distinguishes this blade from the others is the fact that it’s curved. The curve allows for cleaner, more precise cuts. The blade is covered in a non-stick coating to avoid residue between its teeth.

The saw has an installed hook that pulls down the branches after cutting. The pole is made of fiberglass like the other brands; it extends up to 18 feet.

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You’ll need to drill holes into it to attach the saw, which some users consider a bother. At 9.15 lbs, the Gilmour is among the heavy manual pole saws.

As opposed to other saws with telescopic poles, the Gilmour saw doesn’t snap under high pressure.


  • ​The pole extends to 18 feet
  • ​The blade extends to 16 feet
  • ​The blade is made of high-durability aluminum cast
  • ​Installed hook for pulling down branches
  • ​3-pole design
  • ​Non-stick blade​
  • ​Affordable price


  • ​The pole and saw come unassembled with no instructions
  • ​Heavyweight

This Silky model is among the top-notch manual pole saws. It’s useful for professional users due to its durable features. Contrary to other brands, the Silky doesn’t cause noise when powered up, and it also doesn’t need fuel.

It has a smart construction that depends solely on you, which increases precision and smoothness in cutting.

This 4-pole telescopic saw extends up to 20 feet; it has a 3-section extension that ranges from 8 feet to 20 feet. It has a developed pole-lock system that offers high safety levels. The handle has an oval design that provides an extra comfortable grip.

The 420 mm-long blade has 5.5 teeth per inch that aid in cutting thick branches in simple strokes. It has a cutting capacity of 8.3 inches in diameter.

The powerful cutting edge is due to the taper ground blade. Additionally, the Silky has an impressive direction control; you won’t need to bend or kneel while working it.

This saw has an impact-absorbing base that provides good support. It has a curved blade that offers four accurate current angles. The Silky is one of the toughest, fastest-acting telescopic saws out there.


  • ​The material is rust-resistant
  • ​Suitable for high and thick branches
  • ​Versatile, accurate cutting angles
  • ​The effective pole-locking system ensures the safety


  • ​Needs caution while working to avoid injuries
  • ​Hard to use when fully extended
  • ​More suitable for professional users

The Verdict

Although all the 5 manual pole saws are impressive, our top pick will have to be the Silky Hayate 420. It offers unmatched tough features.

Additionally, the extensibility of the blade will help you work without a ladder. It also has a powerful performance that delivers precise cuts.

The 4-pole design allows for high accuracy while cutting high branches. The telescopic saw was made to impress. If you want a manual pole saw that’ll live long, the Silky Hayate may be the one for you.

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